A cookie is a small piece of data that is send by a server and stored on the user's machine.

TestMace allows you to manage host's cookies. Click on the Cookie button at the top menu to open the modal for managing cookies. You'll see a list of all existing records. Click the Add button to create a new one and fill in the following fields:

Field type



The cookie name


The cookie value


Sets the cookie domain


Sets the cookie path


Sets the date the cookie will expire. The date format should be able to return the toGMTString() method of the Date object


The checked Secure box means that SSL is used to send the cookie to the server

Http only

Forbids any JavaScript access to the cookie.

You can also create a cookie from a row string like this:

isLogged=1; Expires=31/12/2019 00:00:00;; Path=/posts/; Secure;

Will be available in the next release of Testmace.

Open the managing cookie window and click on the close icon on the right of the chosen cookie.

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