The feature is available for paid TestMace subscribers only.

A Link assertion allows to create a link to another template assertion node in the project tree and run it with this node's context setting variables as parameters. This is how you can put some amount of standard tests for your requests into one node and reuse it later.

This assertion interface is as follows:

First, you'll need to create an Assertion node in your project or folder and add some assertions there. For example:

Note that assertion expressions contain the $host variable - the context of the node from which the Assertion node will be run via a link, i.e. an object that contains variables, dynamic variables, and response.

Second, add a link assertion and click the Choose Assertion button to choose the node you've just created. You can create a variable right in an assertion and then use it in template expressions, for instance ${$host.my_var}.

If you send a request, you'll notice that the template assertion node's state is changed. If you open this node, you'll see the last node that passed the context to it while the run. After this, variables highlighting and autocomplete will be available.

Error Fixing

This Assertion doesn't have any error fixing algorithm.

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