Node Types
A node is an element of the project or scratches tree.

Node Types

  • Project. This is a root node, that is created automatically when you start a new project. It is functionally identical to a Folder node.
  • Folder. It allows to group Folder and RequestStep nodes under it.
  • RequestStep. This is a node that you can use to send a request. It can have only one Assertion node as a child element.
  • Assertion. This one is used for writing tests. It can be a child node only for a RequestStep node.
  • Script. It allows to run a JavaScript script and access the app's API.
  • Link. Allows to access an existing node.
    • ApiRootFolder. A root element (folder) for API description.
    • ApiFolder. Groups logically close API description endpoints (e.g. two endpoints with the same urls but different methods).
    • ApiRoute. A specific endpoint description.
  • Broken. It is used for descripting nodes that were loaded unsuccessfully. Can't be created manually and is not stored in the file system.
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