Bulk Edit

Some tables in the app have the bulk edit feature. You can see the BULK EDIT button above these tables.When you enable the bulk edit mode, the table content transforms into text, where values are separated by the : symbol and lines break with the newline character. To disable the line, text // in the beginning.
Let's take headers bulk editing at RequestStep node. Standard headers editing looks like this:
Standard headers editing
When you click on the BULK EDIT button, the widget changes to this:
Headers bulk editing
See how values are separated by : symbol and lines break with the newline character. Let's disable the first line. Add // in the beginning.
Disabling a line in the bulk edit mode
Let's turn back to the table mode by clicking on the TABLE EDIT button. The table will look like this:
As you can see, the first line checkbox is unchecked, which means the line won't be used in the request.